Mobile homes up to 56 m2
We produce mobile homes within the areas of ​​24 to 56 m2. Our houses are characterized by high-quality materials and safe construction, and you decide about its design and equipment! We provide full personalization of the project and home furnishings.
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Modular construction
We create prefabricated building elements and assemble modules on your land. Building a house using a modular technique ensures a short implementation time and is not dependent on weather conditions.
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Sanitary modules
We manufacture sanitary modules fully equipped with the necessary installations. They are successfully used as toilets and bathrooms in plots of land, mobile and Canadian style housing estates or camping sites.
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Offices and utility rooms
Mobile and modular buildings are ideally suited as offices or utility rooms. For this purpose, we adjust the interior of the mobile home according to the clients needs. The office prepared in this way is equipped with all utilities and the highest quality installations.
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Polish manufacturer of mobile and modular homes

We are a Polish company that produces mobile and modular houses. Our projects are based on standards and concepts brought from Scandinavian countries.

The company was established on the basis of the experience of the company’s President – Jacek Piasecki, who for nearly 25 years cooperated with leading producers of mobile and modular houses from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Currently, the catalog includes 7 fixed models of mobile and modular houses, as well as individual productions.

The technology of open diffusion used by us, together with tight and solid insulation and adequate ventilation of the whole house, guarantees our customers an energy-saving and solid house for many years.

In addition to mobile and modular homes, our offer also includes sanitary modules, saunas and utility modules. We permanently cooperate with architects and designers who co-create all the designs of our structures.

We also offer full personalization of the order and production of the house according to the client’s design. It’s your home and you decide everything!

Don't put off your dreams about your own home!

A safe house on any plot – it is possible thanks to mobile homes! Placing a mobile home on the plot does not require an official permit or complicated formalities.

The houses we produce are based on a frame made of structural steel and made of the highest quality materials of Scandinavian origin. We install the best systems and installations available on the market. Each house is equipped with drains, grounded electrical installations and ventilation.

We work with designers and architects who take part in the creation of each model – both the catalog houses we propose, as well as individual houses.

A mobile home means independence, security and your own apartment at an affordable price. Contact us and find out more today!

Modular construction allows you to quickly build a safe and cozy home ready to move in. It is a cheap and economical method of construction, allowing for earlier preparation of elements in the production hall and final assembly on the customer’s plot.

We create modular houses according to the individual order and design of the client. Each of the projects is made of the highest quality, certified materials, and the finished house is equipped with the necessary installations – sewage, rainwater drainage, electricity and ventilation.

We prepare houses ready to move in, equipped with furniture, household appliances and electronics, or in a raw state for self-finishing.
Don’t put off your dreams of having a home of your own – contact us and order your home today!

Modular construction offers not only modern houses made of pre-prepared and prefabricated parts, but also dedicated modules, such as sanitary facilities.

Sanitary modules are a great solution for plots, campsites or Canadian style cottage estates. The reliable and safe module is equipped with plumbing, ventilation and lighting, as well as full bathroom fittings.
The module is prepared in our production hall and fully transported and installed at the customer’s land. This significantly reduces the time and cost of investing in a sanitary module.

The customer decides about the size of the project and its equipment. We carry out projects according to individual orders and strictly defined design, matching the color and style of tiles, fittings and interior.

Modular buildings and mobile homes are arranged for any size office, utility room, warehouse or studio. They will be perfect both as a temporary place (construction offices) as well as a permanent place for receiving customers and interested parties.

We are able to easily adapt the buildings and houses that we produce to such an application. It is the customer who decides what equipment and room layout they need in the building when placing an order.

Offices and utility rooms are equipped with all necessary installations and connections, thanks to which comfortable and safe work is possible all year round, regardless of weather conditions. A high-class alarm system ensures the safety of funds stored in the building.

Place your company’s office wherever you want!

Modular construction brings everyone closer to realizing the dream of having their own sauna, private spa and relaxation area on their plot.

The modules we produce can be arranged for a professional sauna, equipped with bathtubs for a wellness type of SPA and a relaxation area where everyone can relax.

The equipment we install has the appropriate certificates, thanks to which the sauna and other devices are completely safe and ensure high quality. The customer himself decides about the size of the project, the details of the equipment and the purpose of the module. We consult each profile with an architect to best reflect the expected design and style.

Minimum formalities

Mobile buildings do not require an official permit. Placing them on the plot is a minimum of formalities.


All models of mobile and modular buildings are fully equipped with the necessary installations, equipment and furniture.

Unlimited availability

Mobile and modular buildings, thanks to their light structure, are perfect for installation at any type of terrain.

Personalization of the project

It is the customer who decides about the details of the design, room layout, color, equipment, materials and design.

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Jacek Piasecki
CEO of JPJ Mobile House
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