Mobile homes

At JPJ Mobile House, we produce mobile homes, also known as Dutch style, Canadian style or wheeled houses.

It is an extremely popular model of construction due to the many advantages it has. Houses built using this method are done much faster than brick houses, and the costs of such construction are much lower. In the case of mobile homes, you also do not have to worry about official permits and deal with a lot of formalities. You can put a mobile home on a plot of land with minimum formalities with which our employees will help you. It is a type of building ideal for any terrain. If your plot is located in a forest area, by a lake or where the area is wet – traditional construction may not be possible and a mobile home from JPJ Mobile House will be perfect there.

A mobile home estate is also a perfect business idea! It is ideal as accommodation for tourists, generating minimal costs in the off-season.

Our products are made of the highest quality materials, and each of the projects is fully personalized and tailored to your needs. When placing an order, you decide on the arrangement of rooms, the location of windows and doors and equipment. We sell turnkey houses or unfinished houses.

Choose a house that suits your needs
Mobile home SINGLE - 7 x 3.5 m
Mobile home COUPLE 9 x 3,5 m​
Mobile home NORMAL- 10 x 3.5 m
Mobile home FRIEND - 12 x 3.5 m
Mobile home FAMILY - 12 x 4 m​
Mobile home JPJ PRO - 14 x 4 m
Don't put off your dreams about your own home!